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Welcome Home: Poetry and Prose for Welcome Hospitality is a limited edition collection of work measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″, 61 pages long, and featuring 12 poems and 8 prose works from 20 authors.



Michael Bartelt / Marcus Christensen / C. E. Coburn / Aaron Deck / Rosemarie Dombrowski / Julia Fournier / Keith Francese / Troy Harris / Hattie Hayes / R.X. Hunter / Michelle Iwen / Kara Kahnke / Quincy McKittrick Long / Maren Mahoney / Kimberly Mathes / Daniel Mills / Ashley Naftule / Kelly Nelson / Jenn Robinson / Rachel Van Blankenship

Table of Contents

Kimberly Mathes | So Much Nothing Welcomed

Maren Mahoney | Why, Diner

Hattie Hayes | Last Suppers

Daniel Mills | Anna in the Weeds

C. E. Coburn | Welcome is Smiling

Kara Kahnke | Donuts These Days

Aaron Deck | Horse Play

Ashley Naftule | Hurricane Welcoming Committee

Michael Bartelt | Welcome Haiku

R. X. Hunter | ABD

Rosemarie Dombrowski | The Only Night it Snowed in Phoenix

Keith Francese | Roosevelt & Tenth

Michelle Iwen | This is the Story of Peter and the Wolf

Marcus Christensen | El Tiradito to Welcome Diner

Troy Harris | Strawberry Limoncello at the End

Kelly Nelson | Whoever You Are

Julia Fournier | what happened before guy1 asked me to marry him

Quincy McKittrick Long | Keep Phoenix Sketchy

Rachel Van Blankenship | Welcome, diner

Jenn Robinson | 924 East Roosevelt

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